Will compare in the general centrifugal polishing machine and from small-sized. back will have built-in will
be ableto control inverter and a speed and a centrifugal force the use is convenient.
As a result of one barrel internal structure(6 angle or 8 rectangularities) is becoming the urethan
coating durability to be superior and the use is convenient and polishing which is appropriate
(the cut/luster)there is a possibility of having an effect
As a result of the barrel is composed of an aluminum quality of material and ligntly is produced
with the structure where the use is convenient.
The safety device which follow in hign-speed rotation is attaching anyone to be easy safely, the use is possible.
For the accuracy and a precison of rotation using the timing belt.


product of elementary quantity(metal, electricity_and electrical component) cut or lustered processing.
Precious metal(gold, silver, jewelry) precision processing
In semconductor LED minute cut and up-to date parts processing Suitability.
Experimental courage crossroad servic eable of laboratory / laboratory.

contents / type DHR -4 DHR -6 DHR -8
barrel dosage 4§¤ (1§¤ Ąż 4) 6§¤ (1.5§¤ x 4) 8§¤ (2§¤ Ąż 4)
main moter 1/2 HP 220V 1 HP 220V 1 HP 220V
number of revolution 0 ~ 280 0 ~ 280 0 ~ 280
size/mm 530 Ąż 610 Ąż 750 570 Ąż 650 Ąż 770 600 Ąż 670 Ąż 820
* The machine other than minute description manpower (350/rpm) order production is possible! where