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The magnetic polishing process removes fine minute burrs.
polishes surfaces with no metal deformation Protecting fine tolerances and geometry
1. Deburring & polishing external, internal, shaded, rough surface and slot on the comples parts
2. No deformation, short tome(5~15monutes), simplicity in operrating, can get the parts during operation.
3. Removes oxidation, stain, rust and burn marks and grinds parts in same quality with harmless liqued.
4. Application :
  Mild Steel, Cast Ioron, Tool Steel, Non-ferrous Metal, Hard Plastics, Stainless Steel, Aluminum,Tiranium Chrome-Nickel Steel, Nickel, Nickel-based Alloys, Chorme, Cobalt Alloys, Magnersium Brass, Bronz, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver, Platium and all kinds of material.

  - Precision polishing without causing deformation.
- Surface roughness can be readity and remarkably improved.
- Applications with irregular shapes and high accuracy.

  - Defect free, non-destructive process, parts remain intact.
- Fast efficient deburring and polishing of non-ferrous metal part.
- Deburr and polish complex precision parts, and tubular parts, including the removal of fine burrs at
   intersecting holes.

  - The cleaning solution complies with the laws and regulation pertaining to the handling of toxic agents,
   organic detergents, and labor safety standards and intoxication prohibitions.
- Mild detergent cleaning solution is diluted up to 50~100 times with water.
- Work pieces can be removed even during the operation.

  - Simple processing, not prone to errors.
- Media is durable and long lasting, Semi-permanent use.
- Minimized running cost.

  - Polishes part interior and exterior.
- Excellent for plating preparation.
- Removes Oxidation.
- Rust removal.
- Removing burn marks caused by laser&EDM cutting.
- Removing burn marks.
- Many other ingenious uses.